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 @D4 SnS Racing Team [Initial D 5 Edition]

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PostSubject: @D4 SnS Racing Team [Initial D 5 Edition]   Sun Sep 06, 2009 11:37 pm

Team @D4 SnS is a group of friends playing Initial-D together.

Team Banner, credits to Larmo.

SnS stands for Spicy Noodle Specialist btw Shocked Shocked No, we don't deliver spicy noodles to your house, but one of our members make noodles from his factory, so please support him Very Happy

Members of the group are :

Leader @ Big Boss Man : Jimmy (*J*J*)

Klang Valley, Malaysia
1) IN
2) Cypher (CyStarr)
3) J]-[UN (Yian)
4) Ritch
5) Nick (w/all the horoscopes)
6) Mave
7) Alv
8 ) Barry

Penang, Malaysia
1) Loong (Lyust)
2) Mike
3) Jon (HellB)

Tokyo, Japan
1) Satoshi

California, US ;
1) Larmo (Team editor & designer)

Inactive players list
1) Jay (Legend)
2) Sheryl (Sher)
3) Alpha
4) GT2
5) GT3

Team Pic

From left to right;

Front row : Jimmy , Mave , Alpha
Back row : Jon , Loong , Legend , Yian , IN , Cypher

Please note that:

We are STILL not accepting any requests to be added into @D4 SnS. Stop asking. Repeated pestering won't get you anywhere. If we didn't ask you, it means you're not in.

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@D4 SnS Racing Team [Initial D 5 Edition]
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