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 Racing Games Forum Rules and Regulations

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PostSubject: Racing Games Forum Rules and Regulations   Racing Games Forum Rules and Regulations Icon_minitimeWed Jun 11, 2008 1:54 pm

Please note the following. The rules here come in effect immediately.

Account Management
You are only entitled to have ONE account in the forums. This is to maintain your credibility and not to clutter up the user database. If you are found using differing accounts, your newer account will be deleted and your "main account" will be suspended for a few days before you are allowed to access the forum again. Should you FAIL to adhere to this rule and persistently register again, your main account will be permanently suspended and NO appeals will be entertained.

Do not troll or flame other members. If you are caught doing so, you will be given a warning. Failure to adhere to the warning will result in a second warning. A second failure will result in a permaban.

Pirated Software
Do not open a thread or post a link to pirated software. Such threads will be deleted immediately and the user warned.

At this point, users who spam will be given a verbal warning. However, severe cases will be given an ACTUAL warning.

Signature and Avatar rules
Signatures are allowed to be of any size at this point, however please keep in mind that not everyone is on broadband. Signatures that are found to be causing problems to the forum (too big, causing loading lag) will be removed.

Avatar is currently limited to 100x100 and must be hosted on an external site. Offensive avatars will be removed. Please use your common sense before selecting an avatar to use.

The Warning System
Everytime a user commits an offence there will be a warning given to the user. Depending how severe the offence is there may be the following:

Verbal warning - User is warned verbally on the forums, warning level on account does not increase.
Actual warning - User is warned, and it is reflected on the forum account.

Every member is only allowed FIVE (5) actual warnings. If you commit ANOTHER offence after receiving five actual warnings, you will be banned. Appeals for such bans will be entertained and it will be subject to the admins on whether the ban will be lifted or not.

Take note however that SEVERE offences such as ban evasion will not be tolerated and appeals for such offences will NOT be entertained.

Warning levels for your account will be decreased if you are found to maintain good behavior on the forums.

Now that the rules are out of the way, have fun posting and welcome to Racing Games Forum

Racing Games Forum Rules and Regulations Sign
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Racing Games Forum Rules and Regulations
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